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Grace Denman
Review from Grace Denman
Red Velvet 44 events 18 reviews

The cast was excellent and the play had a great deal of humor and joy of life. Appreciated the passion of science.

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Kcin Andrex
Review from Kcin Andrex
79 events 31 reviews

This is a must see production! Acting is superb and I loved the storyline. Excellent!

HOWEVER....be careful with seating. I've never had a bad seat through Goldstar until now. I literally sat behind a post and my guest also had an encumbered...continued

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Kristie McComb
Review from Kristie McComb
45 events 18 reviews

This was a great story and well-acted by all! Truly inspiring. I highly recommend it and what a great price on Goldstar.

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Review from Mari
32 events 16 reviews

Outstanding play, excellent acting, costumes, and scenery. Important story honoring women's contribution to astronomy.

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Nadia Mahdi
Review from Nadia Mahdi
50 events 10 reviews

My twelve year old daughter and her buddy really enjoyed this, especially the scenes with the main character and her women colleagues. Highly recommended for middle school aged girls!

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Mary S Ellsworth
Review from Mary S Ellsworth
37 events 10 reviews

This was an inspiring performance. The lead, as Henrietta Swan Leavitt absolutely glowed.

But was so little made of the hearing impairments of both Anne Jump Cannon and Henrietta? The two women are a potential source of pride and role models...continued

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Gavin Hilgemeier
Review from Gavin Hilgemeier
19 events 7 reviews

Good not great. The actors and sets are terrific. The story felt like a PBS history dramatization meets after school special.

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Review from keshieshimmer
27 events 5 reviews

Fantastic acting all around, great storyline. It’s only a 4 star because old theaters can be nice however there isn’t enough ‘rise’ between the rows, therefore me seeing the stage was at the whim of a taller man in front of me that wouldn’t stop...continued

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Review from Barb
15 events 5 reviews

I like historical fiction and this play was well done. There's some humor (situational and verbal) so you may laugh. There's some sadness so you may cry. I found it an interesting insight to her life and to the era of early 1900s (e.g. if a...continued

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Review from Becky
24 events 4 reviews

Great story, great play, terrific acting, and creative set.

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Tom Wachs
Review from Tom Wachs
2 events 2 reviews

First of all I had a great seat in the balcony! Magical, wondrous, emotional, funny, enlightening. Sometimes I have a hard time suspending reality at a play. This time the story and the incredible acting pulled me right in. And I learned of a...continued

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Elizabeth Cooper-Martin
Review from Elizabeth Cooper-Martin
5 events 2 reviews

Loved this play and this historic venue!

Silent Sky shines light on a giant of early 20th century astronomy, Henrietta Leavitt and two of her female colleagues in astronomy, all of whom deserve the attention.

The play is engaging and funny and...continued

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Elizabeth Brooks
Review from Elizabeth Brooks
3 events 1 review

I really enjoyed the show. It was really informative. Very good acting.

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Review from jsteinbaum
7 events 1 review

I thoroughly enjoyed the story and the history. The importance of what Henrietta Leavitt did can't be washed away because men tried to take advantage of her findings.

That being said, some things were a bit forced, like the addition of dancing...continued

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Manuel Norat
Review from Manuel Norat
1 event 1 review

Very enlightening and entertaining theater experience. The Ford's Theater in a national treasure.

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