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Coralie Farlee
Review from Coralie Farlee
Red Velvet 232 events 81 reviews

I liked/loved several segments. I especially DID NOT LIKE the 2 skits on the Affordable Care Act. They should please get something new and more relevant, since it's working -- and why it's NOT working is because some states have messed it up,...continued

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Review from Scott
Red Velvet 49 events 24 reviews

Great beautiful venue. One of a kind political satire at both ends of spectrum. Brilliant satire performances by super talented seasoned actors. Well done

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William Geary
Review from William Geary
Red Velvet 59 events 17 reviews

Uniformly excellent. Surprising musical abilities are a real plus. Obama was great as were all in the cast. Not a bad seat in the house. A very nice performance venue.

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Review from Shirley
Red Velvet 20 events 16 reviews

I often take my out of town guests to see the Capitol Steps as they are funny and the only political humor in town. Sometimes we could not understand the words but enjoyed the experience

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Denise Cheslack
Review from Denise Cheslack
Red Velvet 26 events 7 reviews

Excellent! A clever use of musical tunes and rhymes to have fun with current politics on all sides. A good time.

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Linda Friar
Review from Linda Friar
Red Velvet 18 events 7 reviews

This was a great evening out with an out of town visitor - we laughed a lot and enjoyed every minute

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Mary Booth
Review from Mary Booth
Red Velvet 52 events 7 reviews

We were almost crying we were laughing so hard! A must see!!!!

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Review from Nancy
67 events 35 reviews

This was my second time seeing Capitol Steps, and they are still very funny!

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Review from gator
61 events 21 reviews

This was great. Saw them years ago and the updated skits were fun and hilarious. Must see DC!

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Joan Rubin
Review from Joan Rubin
50 events 19 reviews

Seeing Trump and Putin played by the same actor was a good but true joke. His Putin was lots of fun. All actors had great hand gestures and voices. Sarah Sanders Huckebee (sp?) was a lot of fun especially against Bernie Sanders. But all in all...continued

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Faith Packer Kaplan
Review from Faith Packer Kaplan
46 events 18 reviews

With all that's going on in politics this is a must see show... we all need a good laugh these days! Must see. Don't miss it.

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Review from BP
21 events 17 reviews

Hilarious! I love that they skewer all sides. Fantastic way to laugh through an evening especially in our political town.

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Review from sh1mmering
58 events 17 reviews

Very clever troupe. Versatile - actors could impersonate many voices and expressions. And they are able to sing in the impersonated voice! Well worth it!

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Review from suzanne
64 events 16 reviews

just wonderful.........will go again

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Review from NocturnalChick
33 events 15 reviews

We loved it. The Capitol Steps were funny and they have a way of capturing each politician’s demeanor and essence. The group was very talented. Material were excellent and some of the members have good vocal training as well. Of course the...continued

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Review from Mari
30 events 14 reviews

Hilarious! Great post election relief! Cast did an outstanding job of staying up to the moment with their skits.

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Melissa T Jones
Review from Melissa T Jones
24 events 13 reviews

A last-minute decision to take Metro downtown to the Reagan Bldg, and what a fun evening. Dislike the cold, antiseptic Reagan Bldg, but the theatre itself is fine. Laughed long and hard and thoroughly enjoyed The Capitol Steps. The free words to...continued

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Review from profile
27 events 12 reviews

Outstanding performances by the entire cast Very funny, no matter what your political affiliation. The very current skits included both Donald Trump and the Pope regarding news they each made just during the past week. Excellent venue. This is a...continued

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Review from Rita
37 events 11 reviews

Brought a friend from out of town and he was laughing hysterically. They even got Stephen Bannon's resignation in on the same day it happened. No politician gets away clean here. Great show.

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Review from Judy
13 events 11 reviews

One of their best shows! Short skits and songs, and as always, they hit home!

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