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Corinne in DC
Review from Corinne in DC
Red Velvet 130 events 11 reviews

What an atrocity! I love Aaron Posner, but this was a shambles. What was he thinking with this gratuitous update, with bad accents ranging from Italy to Minnesota?

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Review from Michael
121 events 42 reviews

Terrific fun! Merry Wives has always been a very amusing play, but Posner's adaptation to the 1970's was great.

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Review from Cashetz
20 events 12 reviews

An amusing show-- I'll admit it did make me laugh out loud more than once-- but I wouldn't call it great. Badly obstructed seats really impacted our enjoyment of the show as well.

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Review from Lara
58 events 12 reviews

Very entertaining and a lot of fun!

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Review from Sjp
16 events 10 reviews

Not to miss! Great show, great cast, funny!

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Review from Mayita
47 events 6 reviews

It was the worst play ever. It was a disgrace.

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Jane Brookstein
Review from Jane Brookstein
32 events 4 reviews

Wonderful! So funny and entertaining. Everyone will love it.

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Christine Kessides
Review from Christine Kessides
45 events 3 reviews

Cleverly updated, great cast. A lot of fun. Good that it was streamlined since 2.5 hrs was about right but the original would probably have been longer.

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Review from SNewport
11 events 3 reviews

Excellent production - highly recommend!! We loved it.

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Review from summerwind03@gmail.com
32 events 3 reviews

This was so amazing! The theatre itself is so interesting, but the performances were fabulous. Highly recommend.

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Ronald Kral
Review from Ronald Kral
4 events 2 reviews

A unique amalgam of an old play set in a modern era with the addition of some modern staging techniques. Entertaining and funny.

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Kevin Casey
Review from Kevin Casey
28 events 2 reviews

Great cast. A lot of fun.

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Andi Van Hook
Review from Andi Van Hook
21 events 2 reviews

Hilarious second act. Wonderful acting. The music and costumes are really fun.

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Review from Drew
2 events 2 reviews

Such a beautifully-done rendition of the show. Performances are fantastic - well-modernized versions of the characters, grounded without the feeling of "presentational Shakespeare," and hysterically funny all around. The updated setting is...continued

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Nancy Rey Nolting
Review from Nancy Rey Nolting
13 events 1 review

It was just very strange to see this play set in the 1970s. I didn't expect that and it just annoyed me. There were several excellent performances, especially by Mr. Ford and Prunella Scales, but it just left something to be desired. I would...continued

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Sheila Nemeth
Review from Sheila Nemeth
2 events 1 review

Loved the idea of setting the plays in 1970s..
I thought all actors were talented and professional.
Great seats..and venue!

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Ryan J Cooper
Review from Ryan J Cooper
1 event 1 review

Really funny and entertaining. Great cast!

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Ricardo de Espana
Review from Ricardo de Espana
22 events 1 review

So much of Shakespeare demands perfect acting, or, like a souffle, it flops. Perfectly acted, joyful, exceptional.

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Andrea Seiger
Review from Andrea Seiger
2 events 1 review

The play was hilarious and so well conceived in a 1972 backdrop. I saw the last show of the run. A couple of the actors got the giggles and hard-to-control laughing at Falstaff throughout the 2nd half of the show which made some scenes even...continued

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
1 event 1 review

The show is updated to the 1970's era, with clothing, hairstyles and music of that time. The actors are superb and produce many comedic moments. My only criticism is that the performance could have been shortened.

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