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Greg Williams
Review from Greg Williams
Red Velvet 170 events 66 reviews

As always with the this theater company the show had excellent actors, sets and lighting. I have to say I was a bit confused in the first act about some of what was happening on stage. Things came together in the second act and I think it may...continued

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Review from HOFFLOU
Red Velvet 71 events 51 reviews

Completely captivating show. I am so glad we went!

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Armin Bondoc
Review from Armin Bondoc
Red Velvet 74 events 7 reviews

The new play is brilliant.

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Philip C Brown
Review from Philip C Brown
178 events 97 reviews

This was a very worthwhile $42.75 investment. Seating (in the upper level) was comfortable with plenty of empty seats around me (I hate to feel confined). In preparation, I watched some YouTube videos to remind me of the story of Agamemnon, the...continued

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Review from James
102 events 35 reviews

The Oresteia is brilliantly and “freely adapted from the trilogy” by Aeschylus. It happens to be the last play to be directed by Michael Kahn before he retires. A 2500 year old play about responsibility, revenge, and justice that resonates...continued

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Review from Cwolloch
29 events 7 reviews

Brilliant reconception of the classic works and uniformly strong acting.

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Review from Kristin
35 events 7 reviews

Despite the source material being over 2500 years old, this condensed and updated version of the play trilogy was dramatically compelling and felt relevant. It was a great evening of theater and I’m very happy to have gone. (Also, my B-level seat...continued

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Edward J Pekor
Review from Edward J Pekor
7 events 6 reviews

Freely adapted from the original Greek plays is accurate. Not quite the same story with extra characters and omitted characters. Was expecting much more.

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Pete The Packer
Review from Pete The Packer
11 events 6 reviews

If, like me, you aren't familiar with the backstory, it's there in the program and I'd suggest reading it before the show starts. Wow! The backstory makes today's "shocker plots" seem kind of tame in comparison. The show picks up with...continued

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Amy Peck Abraham
Review from Amy Peck Abraham
28 events 6 reviews

plodding ...

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Isabelle Adrienne Badoux
Review from Isabelle Adrienne Badoux
9 events 5 reviews

It was an excellent production with stellar performances. The only reason that I gave it four vs. five stars is that it’s a Greek tragedy with murder and mayhem, not at all up lifting. I wanted to see Michael Kahn’s final production and pay homage...continued

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Jery Huntley
Review from Jery Huntley
56 events 4 reviews

Riveting and relevant. Kudos once more to Michael Kahn , the cast, and everyone involved!

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Glennyce Grindstaff
Review from Glennyce Grindstaff
2 events 2 reviews

If you are not familiar at all with Greek mythology or the tragedy trilogy it was hard to figure out what was going on in the first act. Overall it was a strong production. The stars were the Greek Chorus who work so well as a single unit and as...continued

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Review from Marilynne
6 events 2 reviews

Moving modern rendering of this too rarely seen epic theatrical classic.

I eagerly anticipated this production, having played a chorus leader in the three play version performed in the USA under Alexis Solomos, legendary director of the Greek...continued

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Nancy L
Review from Nancy L
23 events 2 reviews

The staging and chorus were terrific but the rest had all the life of a graveyard. Metaphorically, the exhaustion from a vicious and bloody war takes it toll but these characters bordered on a parody of dead men walking.
In all fairness, these...continued

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Karen Warnick
Review from Karen Warnick
2 events 2 reviews

Well written - it brought an ancient text to a modern audience. The acting was also well done.

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helen blank
Review from helen blank
7 events 1 review

Extraordinary Clytemnestra and great cast. Very moving and beautifully staged.

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
2 events 1 review

The play was spectacular! I've been a fan of Director Kahn from the first play i watched he directed, Othello, starring Avery Brooks.

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Charles Barnett
Review from Charles Barnett
0 events 1 review

Third act? Just goes to show you how difficult it is to re-write 2500 years of what the Greeks thought of as an appropriate response to injury: Rage

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