1556808744 u street howard theater by ron cogswell
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Review from letzcashow
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What a wonderful, interesting and informative way to spend a Saturday morning. Of course the ideal weather was a big help.

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Patrick M
Review from Patrick M
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I enjoyed the tour. The guide was nice and well informed, the tour covered a lot of interesting local history and color, and the walking was good exercise but not too strenuous. I went with a friend who used to live in the neighborhood and she...continued

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Review from mstgreen
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I think this was my favorite walking tour thus far. The route wasn't that long, but the history of the area was brought to life by both the tour guide and the curator? of the African-American Civil War Museum to which we were guided. I loved it!!

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Review from Sharon
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Sarah was a terrific guide and the tour was quite interesting. I learned more than I knew previously about this neighborhood. I will definitely recommend this tour to others.

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bill ball
Review from bill ball
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an excellent way to learn about the history of the U street corridor.....

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Dee Cardiff
Review from Dee Cardiff
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Even though the day was hot, we thoroughly enjoyed our walking tour of U Street. The guide was interesting, informative and considerate of the group &other weather. He guided us to the shakiest places while keeping up a running commentary on the...continued

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Elizabeth K
Review from Elizabeth K
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So interesting. Love all the Washington Walks.

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Review from JustMeBeingMe
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The tour was very interesting, and I enjoyed learning about the history of U Street. The tour guide was very knowledgable, and I enjoyed her sense of humor.

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Review from cbhickman
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The weather was perfect, the guide pleasant and very knowledgeable -- definitely worth doing.

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Vince Berg
Review from Vince Berg
18 events 6 reviews

Amp needs to be fixed so all can hear. Did not cost Civil war Museum.

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Review from J S
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Excellent, comprehensive history of U Street area, including brief lecture at African-American Civil War Museum

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Diane Gorman
Review from Diane Gorman
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Very knowledgeable and engaging guide. Great tour.

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Cherlyn Jenkins
Review from Cherlyn Jenkins
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I really enjoyed hearing the history of the U street neighborhood. It was a really nice walk with interesting information.

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Review from Don
8 events 3 reviews

Great tour and tour guide.

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Review from CRCampbell
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It was a great tour and the tour guide, David, was very knowledgeable. We learned a lot from him and really appreciate that he took the time, after the tour was over, to give us the overview of the tour because we were in the wrong spot and missed...continued

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Benita Mahanta
Review from Benita Mahanta
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Little hard to hear the tour guide due to traffic, etc. - may want to make provisions for that.

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Steffie B
Review from Steffie B
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My mom and I had a great time on the tour. The African American Civil War Museum curator is a very knowledgable historian and I am glad he was able to share knowledge on his passion with us. It was a good tour and we ended it with half smokes from...continued

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
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The was one of the best tours I've been on. The tour was informative and the Tour Guide really knew the history.

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Review from Ss2dc
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This was an excellent overview of the history of the U St. area. The visit to the Black Civil War Museum was fascinating. Our tour guide could have been more knowlegeable about the architecture, but was good otherwise. I would recommend this...continued

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Review from jscharp
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This was a fun way to spend a beautiful Saturday morning. Our guide was excellent, and the speaker at the Black Civil War Museum was outstanding. After the tour, we enjoyed lunch at Ben's Chili Bowl (the neighborhood hot spot--definitely worth a...continued

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