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26 Star Starred
Mead Theatre Lab
Flashpoint 916 G St. NW Washington, DC 20001
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Washington Improv Theater wants to help you kick back this summer!  Beat the DC heat and enjoy a smooth, delicious gulp (or two) of pure improvisational artistry with some of WIT’s most talented ensemble groups.  WIT performers combine the ordinary with the extraordinary with great finesse to create an indescribable, full-bodied blend of pure genius comedy.

With so many delightful comedic options, your palate will thank you for capturing a taste of this Summer Brew!  Washington Improv Theater combines your favorite ensembles with new WIT teams and guests fresh from the brewery to quench your thirst with a clean finish.  Each long-form, one-hundred percent improvised performance packs the perfect combination of smooth and spicy to satisfy even the most persnickety of palates.

WIT is a dynamo of spontaneous creativity, presenting over 200 unique (improvised) shows each year to over 10,000 audience members, and teaching classes to over 500 students. The revolution will be improvised.


One part super-fast group game ensemble, one part collection of complex characters on the threshold of revelation, Caveat plays with the throttle and the clutch. We hope you can hang on for the ride of your life.



Jackie is super psyched to bring you their new show: New Beginnings. It’s a friendlier improv experience that you’ll want to be online friends with and invite to your book club. Nothing would make them happier than to see your clean-scrubbed, smiling faces in the audience.


It takes two to tango, and it also takes two to make a buddy movie. Which is more to the point since JINX’s latest show is just that: two heroes, bound together in some way, making their way across the ice, under the outer perimeter, through the underground sewer system … you get the picture, right? They’re on a journey inspired by your suggestion and if they stick together, they just might make it through this by gum! Or not.


Sometimes it’s fun to try new things. And sometimes it’s funner to try old things in a new way. This spring, WIT’s onesixtyone revisits an old standby; that classic longform improv structure, the Harold. New to you? Great? Then the circle of life is complete. One suggestion from the audience kicks off a series of storylines and scenes sure to visit places both surprising and inevitable. It might sound like the same old improv show, but in the hands of onesixtyone, it’ll be a new adventure every week.

Season Six

Going all in during a time of uncertainty certainly takes guts. And those guts are just what the doctor ordered for WIT House Team Season Six.

The doctor and their shrinks, multiple support groups, a few of the region’s top consulting firms, two fortune cookies (sort of), and an unrelenting mother-in-law. Guts are what it’s about, clearly. Watch them lay it all on the line in their spring performances, which they’ve given a name every game-player can appreciate: Sweet Action.

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