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Austin Nation
Review from Austin Nation
Red Velvet 840 events 717 reviews

Never disappointed at this theatre

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Review from Anonymous
Red Velvet 606 events 342 reviews

Great play. All the characters were very good. I would see it again.

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Rodney Anderson
Review from Rodney Anderson
Red Velvet 454 events 335 reviews

I really enjoyed this play. I'm over coming out stories but this one hits a segment of the population that still needs to be educated. Fine performances.

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Alan Trevor
Review from Alan Trevor
Red Velvet 327 events 191 reviews

Current topic well done. Nick is a very astute director.

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Sammy Green
Review from Sammy Green
Red Velvet 245 events 178 reviews

Excellent job, breathtaking performances, and beautiful set design....and on top of them a nice writting and beautiful directing. Sure a must see play.

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Sammy Green
Review from Sammy Green
Red Velvet 245 events 178 reviews

Just an excellent play. I saw it for the second time and i enjoyed even more than the first time. although it was heavy raining !!

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Review from jb2000
Red Velvet 316 events 155 reviews

"Caught" is a very professional, well acted, generally well scripted and funny play. The play should have been edited a bit (it was too long and there were definitely parts that could have easily been removed - such as the numerous and highly...continued

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Robert B.
Review from Robert B.
Red Velvet 185 events 141 reviews

Caught! is a great play, good acting, great story--as other reviewers said, makes you cry, laugh & comtemplate life. Zephyr is a great venue-cozy, intimate, nice lobby with complimentary coffee/tea & tables with candles/linen to sit at during the...continued

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Mark Farber
Review from Mark Farber
Red Velvet 298 events 130 reviews

Medicore script with sitcomesque characters. The girl who plays the daughther is terrific.

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Glen Davis
Review from Glen Davis
Red Velvet 318 events 97 reviews

Bravo! There's nothing I could say to add to the comments already here. It lived up to the expectations, and was worth the 120 mile drive up to see it. Fun, insightful, witty script. Laughed, cried (more than a couple times...) OK so it's...continued

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Rhoda Pell
Review from Rhoda Pell
Red Velvet 506 events 93 reviews

of the same caliber as "yellow" another favorite.wonderful ensemble,direction

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Jeff Wise
Review from Jeff Wise
Red Velvet 312 events 91 reviews

3 of us went and we all loved this awesome play! It was very funny, very emotional and was so much better then we expected, thanks to the wonderful job the 6 actors did! I will tell all of my friends to go see it and I want to see it again too!...continued

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Review from GT
Red Velvet 104 events 84 reviews

_Caught_ at the Zephyr Theatre is a perfectly enjoyable production, but it didn't quite have the impact I would have preferred.

I found Amanda Kaschak (daughter / niece Krystal) to be the most compelling. Sweet as a Georgia peach, when she...continued

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Review from amaryllis
Red Velvet 102 events 71 reviews

Very well written. Made for a thoroughly satisfying theatre experience with many stand-out moments -- clever, funny, poignant, hilarious, and powerful. The whole cast was terrific, but I give bonus props to Reverend Splenda and the daughter. Full...continued

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Dean Mancina
Review from Dean Mancina
Red Velvet 124 events 69 reviews

Great story and great acting. Zephyr theater only has 3 rows, very intimate, and the open set design easily lets you see all the action. The actors were all excellent, but those who played Kenneth and Splenda were particularly great. I laughed...continued

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Review from CookiePuss
Red Velvet 100 events 35 reviews

Well-written play and, for the most part, well-acted. Characters are fully developed and believable. Good balance of comedy & tragedy. Definitely kept the audience engaged. However, the plot is less about same-sex marriage than it is about...continued

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Review from neon370395
Red Velvet 156 events 34 reviews

Great play and superb acting by the whole cast. Funny. sentimental and true. One of the best plays I've seen so far.,

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Carol Shor Harrison
Review from Carol Shor Harrison
Red Velvet 70 events 31 reviews

I wanted to write this as soon as we returned home, but goldstar's format made me wait a day. Now that I've had the chance to think about it and... I still thoroughly enjoyed the entire experience. I hope you go see it. From the charming staff...continued

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Michael Popwell
Review from Michael Popwell
Red Velvet 216 events 30 reviews

Great entertainment. Being from the south, I know those emotions and the thin ideological shell that separate family members all too often. Once the shell is cracked, all the emotions pour out and you get down to the real stuff. Deborah Puette...continued

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Douglas Maida
Review from Douglas Maida
Red Velvet 76 events 29 reviews


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