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Sammy Green
Review from Sammy Green
Red Velvet 246 events 178 reviews

This play was much less than i was expecting.I t was like a High school type of play.
shallow and everybody act like a Robot,Compare with previous fantastic play of Elevator,this one was really empty of any ideas,,reminded me of some of the Indian...continued

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Brian Raine
Review from Brian Raine
202 events 98 reviews

Sensational show-biz behind-the-scenes story. Outstanding cast delivers Michael Leoni's riveting dialogue with edgy assurance. Set, sound, lighting - all extravagant and ingenious. Must see this again. True theatre magic.

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Brian Raine
Review from Brian Raine
202 events 98 reviews

Skilled writing and direction by Michael Leoni, excellent team work by the glamorous cast of twelve actors, multi-level set with complex and innovative sound and lighting - all add up to a truly magical and timely theatre event. Bravo!

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Review from Bicoastal
113 events 76 reviews

Derick Breezee gave a heart-wrenching performance. Michael Leominster nailed it, as usual. Famous tells the truth about the movie industry, and I recalled how in those years we all knew and just accepted it!

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Review from A.J.
88 events 70 reviews

Theatre newly and nicely redesigned. Good scenery/stage set-up. Some very good acting. How realistic? Not sure.

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Bob Lentz
Review from Bob Lentz
108 events 65 reviews

dynamite show with great performances!

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Review from graciano-buchman
34 events 21 reviews

Great acting on a VERY intense play.
Certainly this play is not for all audiences, it’s so loud that I feltotgat I was going to lose my mind.

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Paul E Ozar
Review from Paul E Ozar
71 events 20 reviews

Definitely enjoyed the play and they did a good job in fixing up the theatre. I have been there many times and now it is very nice inside. The acting was good and the subject matter was intense. My friend and I were very pleased and would...continued

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Robert C.
Review from Robert C.
33 events 20 reviews

From the moment the play began until the conclusion we were enthralled. The acting was top notch by a rather large cast. The staging was amazing. A don't miss play.

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Adriane Shown
Review from Adriane Shown
64 events 15 reviews

I’ve been looking forward to this new work from writer/ director Michael Leoni ever since I saw the fab ‘Elevator’. (some of that cast are in this production as well) And the anticipation was greatly satisfied! Completely drawn into story outline...continued

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matteo solomon
Review from matteo solomon
21 events 12 reviews

My wife and I thought it was great theater. It was a difficult play to direct and produce with so many actors whose timing had to be perfect; but they pulled it off. The message of the show came loud and clear. The acting was excellent and my...continued

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Linda Ralph
Review from Linda Ralph
30 events 8 reviews

Great performances. Hope Hollywood gets the message from the movie.

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Review from jax
33 events 7 reviews

GREAT newly renovated theatre in West Hollywood, lovely lobby. Perfect for stand up, parties, etc, as well as plays. This play? An E True Hollywood Story, with soap opera dialogue, stock characters, and no insight at all into drugs, child abuse...continued

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Review from taratree
15 events 5 reviews

This is more than a play--it is an EXPERIENCE --a very large one at that! It was astounding...on all levels --my friends agreed that the lighting itself was one of the stars of the play. The whole thing seemed like a movie come to...continued

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Grant Beckwith
Review from Grant Beckwith
98 events 4 reviews

A play that you will think about for days after. Very good. Amazing choreography. Great cast. Fast paced. Go see it.

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Meher Davis
Review from Meher Davis
24 events 4 reviews

A very powerful performance of a tale that needs to be told. Riveting and slickly performed. A glimpse into the world of many celebrities.

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Review from teeuwen2001
30 events 3 reviews

Famous is a very intense play. It's underlying theme - exposing and challenges the bad side of Hollywood theater - is very well demonstrated. There are some very creative ways of getting the points across and still being very entertaining. The...continued

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Blake Boyd
Review from Blake Boyd
8 events 3 reviews

First off, I must offer a heartfelt congratulations to Michelle Kaufer for the wonderful job she has done to the theatre itself. It’s a completely new environment and space!

As FAMOUS is listed as an “experience” as much as it is a play, Michael...continued

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Ilene Stallman
Review from Ilene Stallman
9 events 3 reviews

Well done !!!!

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Jim Parker
Review from Jim Parker
31 events 2 reviews

Great diverse cast delivering emotional content with exceptional timing of a fast moving script. There are several interesting subplots involving the 12 actors, with many of them on stage at the same time (This is where the handling of difficult...continued

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