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Cary G
Review from Cary G
Red Velvet 54 events 1 review

Fantastic ... great laughs from beginning to end, even poignant at moments.

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Tucker Tucker
Review from Tucker Tucker
42 events 21 reviews

I think the actress is excellent and believable; however, the ending was predictable.

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Review from Randy-NYC
64 events 16 reviews

This was a well written and well performed one woman show. It should play elsewhere.

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Ronald Yaghjian
Review from Ronald Yaghjian
95 events 12 reviews

Another great play by Ronnie Larsen. A very rewarding evening. Don't miss it.

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Review from Tony954
23 events 12 reviews

I admired the actress in this one person show. The script she had to work with was just OK and not anything special.

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George C. Schellenger
Review from George C. Schellenger
21 events 10 reviews

Jeni Hacker commands the audience's attention throughout the performance... engaging and entertaining, funny and heartfelt... Memorable...

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Fred H Johnson Jr
Review from Fred H Johnson Jr
26 events 8 reviews

Excellent thought-provoking script, that was also funny and entertaining (kudos to Ronnie Larsen), well directed, and presented "pitch perfect" by a stellar actress, Jeni Hacker.

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Review from Lila
10 events 2 reviews

. The show is a great commercial for the Grindr app.

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Rudy Molinet
Review from Rudy Molinet
5 events 2 reviews

The show was incredibly funny and yet deep with meaning. There was a keen and caring understanding of the LGBT journey. Probably the best show we have seen in a long time! Great acting and wonderful writing. And we loved the cookies that Grindr...continued

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Erich Martin
Review from Erich Martin
4 events 1 review

It was very enjoyable. But I’m not sure if I would say it was a comedy. Although I laughed. I feel it had a powerful message

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Joseph Puleo
Review from Joseph Puleo
12 events 1 review

Loved it
Funny touching and poignant
It was a monologue and the actress eho played the Grindr Mom was fantadtic

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Scott Clearwater
Review from Scott Clearwater
10 events 1 review

Ronnie Larsen's play is well written, emotional and poignant. Jeni Hacker is a South Florida treasure and shouldn't be missed. Her performance is fantastic, as you witness her maneuver thr0ugh the world of Grindr. A fun night.

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Chris James
Review from Chris James
5 events 1 review

The actress was excellent. The play was mediocre.

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Review from George
7 events 1 review

Totally unexpected laugh out loud funny as well as touching at times. The actress was wonderful.

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Lester Prescott
Review from Lester Prescott
1 event 1 review

Was absolutely fantastic!!!!!!!!!

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Terry Regnier
Review from Terry Regnier
13 events 1 review

We really enjoyed the show. However I did not see it as a comedy. Yes, there were lots of laugh lines, but down deep it has a very serious message. A friend, who attended with me, works in a psych hospital, where he see patients everyday who...continued

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