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Don and Bob
Review from Don and Bob
92 events 58 reviews

Now and Then is a new musical that is just terrific. The music, composed by Dennis Manning is fresh and moves the story along. The guitar accompaniment is great. Go see it and let is draw you in.

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Kevin S.
Review from Kevin S.
63 events 49 reviews

Thoughtful & touching with fantastic original songs! Extremely talented cast. Would definitely recommend!

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Review from BVVSS
23 events 21 reviews

We liked the music and singing more than the book, where is was a little too predictable.

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Patrick Caveney
Review from Patrick Caveney
41 events 18 reviews

A country western gay musical that follows a long term relationship from its coception, then through the many years' Complete with all the ups and downs life has to offer. Cast was very talented. music and songs were memorable and creatively...continued

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Ronald Yaghjian
Review from Ronald Yaghjian
102 events 14 reviews

Go for a very fun evening, good music, good cast, a few tears, a few laughs and an overall rewarding experience. I believe most everyone can relate to this musical. A straight friend of ours is bringing her teenage son and daughter. This is a...continued

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Sean Mallee
Review from Sean Mallee
58 events 13 reviews

Ronnie Larsen has created a smash hit! Now and Then is a brilliant production and instant classic! This musical has deeply-moving songs sung by well-developed characters complementing a story of raw emotion. The cast was amazing! I want to buy...continued

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Michael DeMarco
Review from Michael DeMarco
28 events 12 reviews

We loved it start to finish. The cast was absolutely wonderful... All 6 of the men had ( for me) just the right touch. Some standout performances but all well done. Loved the story the music was superb and some real great harmonies. The voices...continued

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David Schwartz
Review from David Schwartz
16 events 6 reviews

One of the young protagonists presciently reviewed the play in the first scene: “like John Denver after his plane crash.” But just as their relationship develops and grows and builds, so does the play. Ultimately, it is a very intimate,...continued

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Review from JGoodnight
48 events 6 reviews

Wow, just wow! Seeing the WORLD PREMIER of "Now & Again", was like witnessing the birth of something that you know is going to be big, very big! Congratulations to Ronnie Larsen, Dennis Manning and everyone involved with this production! ...continued

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Review from Gene
27 events 4 reviews

Good show a bit too long, needs to shorten by 20 minutes. All actors were very good EXCEPT younger Greg (?). He overacting (grinning and rolling of eyes) was extremely annoying through out the show.

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George Harris
Review from George Harris
58 events 4 reviews

I give it five out of five hankies. If you have a heart and have lived a while on this planet...Now & Then, the musical will make you want to celebrate every livin' moment with your pard'ner.

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Susanne Ellman
Review from Susanne Ellman
3 events 3 reviews

This was our second time seeing Now and Then. We saw it sunday, loved it, wanted to see it and hear the music again. It didnt disappoint

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Adam DeRosa
Review from Adam DeRosa
75 events 3 reviews

What an incredibly enjoyable evening of theater. This is an original show with fantastic music and a story that is full of heart. GO SEE THIS SHOW!

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Randy Davis
Review from Randy Davis
6 events 3 reviews

Wonderfully written and produce musical! Lyrics in songs beautifully match the story line and the cast does an incredible job of bringing the characters to life in the different stages of life’s journey. Kudos to all!

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patrick ladden
Review from patrick ladden
36 events 2 reviews

Authentic, good music & singing, excellent guitar playing. Ronnie Larson is the BEST!

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William Verderosa
Review from William Verderosa
4 events 1 review

4 of us went to see the show on opening night and long after the end and the standing ovation of the entire audience we could not stop talking about it, we all knew that we experienced something great and very different.
From the moment Daniel # 3...continued

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Arthur Obester
Review from Arthur Obester
11 events 1 review

Exceptionally well done. Well developed and very talented characters for this unique presentation. Deserves wider exposure.

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Roland Socarras
Review from Roland Socarras
2 events 1 review

Loved the story, Loved the music !!

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Lindsay Nelson
Review from Lindsay Nelson
1 event 1 review

My experience sitting in the audience was as if I was living in the moment in each phase of the performance. My attention was kept from start to finish. Every scene flowed into another! My favorite song was "Solitary Man"! I am hoping a CD is...continued

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Anne Bilsky
Review from Anne Bilsky
1 event 1 review

Over the top fabulous not to be missed. I connected with music, the story, the love of two people. I cried. I laughed. The "Christmas Story.... The Sears catalog.. By the end of the show I was devastated. Thank you Dennis for such music that...continued

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