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William T Wisinski
Review from William T Wisinski
115 events 59 reviews

An all male( one humerus drag queen) comical musical taking place in a bathhouse with the cast members dressed in towels, or less. The theme involves a newcomers quest for love and sex in a light fun filled presentation.

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Mike B.
Review from Mike B.
71 events 35 reviews

There were some attractive men as well as some full frontal nudity. In Ronnie Larson show, that’s generally enough to attract an audience :-) I’m looking to say something positive about the experience. There were parts that were funny and all the...continued

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Review from Mahmoud
35 events 15 reviews

I loved the show and wonderful performance

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Ron McGowan
Review from Ron McGowan
32 events 12 reviews

Funny! Really did not know what to expect! Funny!

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Michael DeMarco
Review from Michael DeMarco
28 events 12 reviews

Some funny stuff... some opening night jitters! A lot of people not knowing lyrics with the chorus numbers. Unfortunately not one of the better ones. Definitely not for me but some major Eye Candy kept me there for the night. A few decent voices...continued

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Review from eigle001
16 events 9 reviews

Campy. I enjoyed the songs, but overall it was high school musicalish, not one of Larson's best works. Nonetheless, I did laugh and it was worth the price.

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Review from BP
12 events 3 reviews

Bad humor, very vulgar, terrible music, left at intermission.

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August Wayne Azzarello
Review from August Wayne Azzarello
12 events 3 reviews

Fantastic and funny.... And Oh Boy - The Eye Candy!!!
Ronnie Larson has done it again - GREAT WORK! And Ronnie sings in this performance (Wait till you hear him sing).

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Thomas Smith
Review from Thomas Smith
0 events 1 review

It lost its humor in its adaptation from Chicago to Ft. Lauderdale. Ronnie was great and very funny, but he couldn't save the show or others in the cast.

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Richard Loveland
Review from Richard Loveland
3 events 1 review

It was a laugh riot that had fun songs, cute guys and a was a peep show of penis! Fun, fun and fun!!!

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Mark Rosen
Review from Mark Rosen
2 events 1 review

The show is extremely amateurish and vulgar. The nudity is gratuitous. I felt that local celebrity Jennifer McClain was poorly served by the use of her name and parody of her personality and appearance as an obese sex starved alcoholic dependent...continued

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