Tickets You Can Easy Cancel? Yep.

Your sitter can’t do Saturday anymore. Your partner twisted his ankle. You forgot that your niece’s recital is tonight.

Sometimes your plans change — we think you should be able to change your tickets, too. Thanks to our Easy Cancel policy, you’re rarely stuck with tickets you can’t use.* Easy Cancel lets you exchange your tickets for another date (if available) or another event entirely, hassle free.

Need to Easy Cancel something right now? Get started in Your Tickets.

If you need help, you can reach us 24/7 at

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Easy Cancel?
It's one of the perks that comes along with buying tickets on Goldstar. It allows you to exchange your current date for another date or pick a new event entirely. These options are available to you as long as the offer you purchased is still on sale on our site or app. If you choose to use Easy Cancel, you'll get Goldstar store credit in the amount of your purchase. Goldstar credit includes the ticket prices as well as any service fees.
How do I use Easy Cancel?
You can start the exchange or credit process by clicking the Use Easy Cancel button on the Your Tickets page. From there you just choose the number of tickets you want to cancel and select “Confirm.”
How do I know if the offer I purchased is still on sale so I can cancel my tickets?
On the Your Tickets page, under the "Need to Change Your Date" section, you'll see the date and time the offer is set to expire. The offer expiration date and time are set in advance by the ticket supplier and typically do not change after they've been set. However, the ticket supplier can close sales early, and occasionally they choose to do so. It's always best to view the offer expiration date and time when you receive your gift or complete your purchase. If you are considering using Easy Cancel, the sooner you can make your decision, the better. If the offer you purchased hasn't yet expired, you can change dates or get credit for your tickets. If the offer has expired, you will see a message saying that tickets are no longer cancellable.
Will Easy Cancel cost me anything?
No. It's one of the perks of buying on Goldstar, and you get Goldstar credit for both the ticket price and service fees.
What is Goldstar credit? Where does my credited money go?
If you use Easy Cancel, the full value becomes credit on your Goldstar account. This credit never expires and can be used for any purchase on Goldstar. The credit will appear automatically during the checkout process when you make your next purchase. You can see your credit balance on the left side of your account.
I bought a ticket for a friend who can't go to the event. Can I get a partial credit?
Yes, with Easy Cancel you can cancel some or all of your tickets for Goldstar credit, as long as the offer you purchased is still on sale on our site and app. Just select the number of tickets you'd like to return, and you'll receive a full Goldstar credit for those tickets and service fees.
Why can't I use Easy Cancel on every purchase?
You can no longer use Easy Cancel after the offer you purchased has expired, because at that point sales have closed and the will-call list has been sent to the supplier. Once the supplier has received the will-call list, they must be paid for every ticket, so cancellations are not possible. Occasionally, offers may expire earlier than expected due to a supplier request to close sales. Also, there's a very small number of events for which cancellations are never allowed. These special instances are identified before you get to the purchase process so there are no surprises.
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