Email Preferences

Joining Goldstar
Join for free to find out about events in your area. Just enter your email address and ZIP code, and you'll start getting emails every week with fun event ideas. You can also browse the site for events whenever you'd like. When you're ready to buy tickets, just log in and you're on your way.
Emails You Get
When you join, you'll be signed up for our Weekly Newsletter, which goes out by email every Tuesday. It's chock full of events we're selling in your area, with tickets often at half price or better. You'll also be signed up for our Featured Today emails. These go out several times a week to show off really cool events and/or extra great deals, like special Today Only prices and comp tickets. And then there's the list for special contest announcements (maybe once a month), which is the other thing you'll be signed up for when you join.
But we have more. There are a couple other emails you can choose to get if you want more access to special offers. Subscribe to Roar of the Crowd, which goes out every Thursday, for a look at the highest-rated event that week, plus new events, hot sellers, and complimentary tickets. And if you want early access to our offers before the weekly newsletter hits everyone's inbox on Tuesday, you can become a Red Velvet member, which gets you the First Look, a sneak preview on Monday night. Plus, you get a bunch of other great perks.
Unsubscribing From Emails
All of our emails are optional, and you can opt out of them and still keep your membership active so you can shop the site and buy tickets. To unsubscribe or to add new email subscriptions, go to your My Account page and click the "edit" button. You'll see a complete list of emails we send. Just check or uncheck the boxes next to each, and click "update settings."
Your Weekly Newsletter of Events
Every Tuesday, you'll get our Weekly Newsletter, which is a list of all of the event offers (up to a maximum file size) we have in your area, based on your ZIP code. It sorts events in a special way for you, based on a bunch of things like what you bought before, what you've viewed on the site, and which events are most popular in your area.