Basic Stuff You'll Want to Know

How Seats Are Assigned
When you buy tickets from us, we don't assign you a seat. The ticket supplier does that on their end. We guarantee you'll be seated in the price level you bought, though. And if you buy general admission tickets, you'll pick your own seat when you arrive.
Quality of Seats
All of our tickets normally sell at the venue for the full price you see listed, and they're not considered obstructed or inferior in any way. You'll be seated in the price level you purchased (or better). And, our venue partners give our members the best seats they can.
Sitting With Friends
When you buy multiple tickets in a single transaction, those seats will be located together. If you want to buy more seats next to the ones you already bought, just click the "Add a Ticket" button and the new seats will automatically be grouped with them. Or, if your friends want to buy tickets and sit with you, just use our "Sit With Friends" feature. It'll send your friend a link they can use to buy tickets for seats that are next to yours.
If you forget to use "Add a Ticket" or "Sit With Friends," just email us with the confirmation numbers after you buy. We'll add a note to your orders requesting that your entire group sit together. The ticket supplier can usually (but not always) make that happen.
Transferring Tickets to a Friend
The person whose name is on the will-call list (with photo ID) can pick up tickets. If you need to change the name on your tickets, we can often make that happen if you give us enough notice. Just email us and let us know the first and last name you want on the tickets, and if we're able to change the name, we'll do it.
If this comes up, let us know and we'll do what we can to help. Sometimes we have more options than at other times, so email us (the earlier, the better) and we'll figure out what's possible.
Special-Needs Seating
Purchase your tickets to avoid the risk of sell-out, and email us right away (or just reply to your purchase confirmation). Let us know your special needs and we'll get in touch with the venue for you. Not all venues offer special-needs seating, but we're typically able to work it out, and we'll certainly do our best to make it happen.