"The Shadow Box"
The Shadow Box Tickets

The Shadow Box Tickets

Playhouse 1960, Houston
Sep 1, 2023 - Sep 17, 2023

About The Shadow Box

"The Shadow Box" by Michael Cristofer follows the lives of three families as they make their separate but interwoven journeys along the road of love. life, and the mystery of existence. The play takes place in three cottages on the grounds of a large hospital. In this compelling dramatic triptych, three terminal cancer patients dwell in separate cottages on a hospital's grounds. The three are attended and visited by family and close friends: Agnes and her mother Felicity, estranged further by the latter's dementia; Brian and Beverly, whose martial complications are exacerbated by Brian's new lover, Mark; and Joe and Maggie, unready for the strain of Joe's impending death and its effect on their teenage son. The Shadow Box won the Pulitzer Prize for Drama and the Tony Award for Best Play for its beautiful, heart-wrenching story encompassing both the hardships of dealing with loss and suffering along with the celebration of life.

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