Reefer Madness!
Reefer Madness! Tickets

Reefer Madness! Tickets

Art Factory, Houston
Oct 6, 2023 - Oct 22, 2023

About Reefer Madness!

Hide your children! An evil green menace has been set loose on Houston! Art Factory does its civic duty, utilizing side-splitting comedy and catchy tunes to alert our fair city to the dangers of Public Enemy #1; Marijuana! You may ask yourself “what’s so dangerous about a seemingly harmless herb?” Do not be fooled! This stealthy enemy is a deviant device used by the Devil to enslave the youth of America for his dastardly deeds. REEFER MADNESS explores reports of insanity, extreme violence, and unexpected pregnancy for all who indulge in the evil giggle-sticks! Though this subject is no laughing matter, this cult-classic satire based on the 1936 documentary of the same name will have you laughing, crying, and dancing in your seat! Only recommended for those with strong constitutions, REEFER MADNESS may cause spontaneous fits of laughter, strange sexual sensations, and extreme cases of the munchies. As we take our seats in the local high school auditorium, our trustworthy Lecturer guides us through the frighteningly true events of “The Harper Case.” Jimmy is merely trying to woo his sweetheart, Mary Lane, when the silver-tongued Jack lures him to The Reefer Den. After a horrifying seduction by its seedy inhabitants, Jimmy is thrust into the tumultuous world of the Demon Weed! What happens next is nothing short of terrifying: Violence! Sex! Bloody Murder!


Ages 16+