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The Red Suitcase Tickets

The Red Suitcase Tickets
The Red Suitcase: What to expect - 1
The Red Suitcase Tickets

About The Red Suitcase

P3 THEATRE COMPANY, in association with the Del Shores Foundation and Beard Collins Shores Productions, presents Emerson Collins starring in the world premiere of THE RED SUITCASE, written by Jiggs Burgess, directed by Del Shores, assistant directed by Blake McIver Ewing, and starring Emerson Collins. The Best Play Winner in the “Del Shores Foundation Writers Search,” THE RED SUITCASE, follows the life of Pogue from his unusual birth to the death of his father. The play explores the sometimes difficult relationship between fathers and sons and the many moments, stories, and characters that build a person and a life. Pogue is led on a journey to unpack his memories that takes him from, “we are the sins of our ancestors” to “we are the hope of our ancestors.” A play of family, survival, and finding ourselves in the stories that made us.

The Cast of THE RED SUITCASE will feature: Emerson Collins as “Pogue,” Kristen McCullough as “April,” Bruce Melena as “Bud,” Charlotte Louise White as “Grandma Evans,” Mat Hayes as “Player 1,” Pam Trotter as “Player 2,” and Tiago Santos as “Player 3.”
The Design Team for THE RED SUITCASE is as follows: Scenic and Projections Design by Jesus Hurtado; Lighting Design by Frank McKown; Sound Design by Adam Matthew; Costume Design by Shon LeBlanc, Wigs & Props Design by Krys Fehervari. Production Stage Manager – Anna Kupershmidt.

"Funny, dramatic, cathartic and deeply moving! Burgess’s language is poetical at times, reminiscent of other Southern writers like Tennessee Williams, Truman Capote, Carson McCullers &William Faulkner. As an audience member you fall under the spell of his words and the story being told.
Emerson Collins commands the stage with his performance. You believe him just as surely as a three-year old as you do a thirty-year old. His Pogue breaks your heart and then carefully puts it back together. The other six performers create a strong ensemble to back him up. Director Del Shores…elicits well-etched characters from his talented cast. A touching and wonderfully drawn portrait of a family many experienced, then and still today." - Rob Stevens, HAINESHISWAY.COM

“THEATRICAL MAGIC! FASCINATING! BEAUTIFULLY WRITTEN! BREATHTAKINGLY AND GRACEFULLY EXPRESSIVE DIALOGUE…Still, what is taken away from The Red Suitcase more than any other aspect of this hauntingly evocative production is the blossoming advent of an important new playwright. Jiggs Burgess has a smashing gift for taking a premise hardly untapped and infusing it with a fresh and indelibly personal take on what a struggle it is to grow up in our convoluted society, to find refuge and safety where there has been none, and above all, to ultimately be comfortable in one’s own skin.” - Travis Holder, TICKETHOLDERS

"Laugh-out-loud funny, get-out-the-Kleenex moving! The instantly likeable Emerson Collins proves a charismatic, commanding stage presence in a star turn…deftly taking Pogue from precocious child to lovestruck preteen to angry, bitter young adult and beyond.
Reminiscent of The World According To Garp (but with a gay Texas spin), Jiggs Burgess’s The Red Suitcase is every bit as touching and uplifting as it is entertaining.” - Steven Stanley, StageSceneLA

"A Dazzling Production The resulting production is a must-see! This production of The Red Suitcase is noteworthy both for its fine acting and the very fluid staging that moves like a dance across the fairly small stage where actors change roles and costumes rapidly out of the many suitcases on the stage itself. Emerson Collins is a charismatic presence on stage, deftly portraying a boy at various stages of his childhood and eventually in the final scenes a grown man living in New York City and away from his Texas roots." - Robert St. Martin – The Hollywood Times

"The Red Suitcase leaves an indelible mark on the heart. Its entertaining and thought-provoking narrative, combined with moments of gritty truth, ensures that the impact of this P3 Theatre Company production lingers long after the final curtain call. From the very beginning, The Red Suitcase captivates and enlightens its audience, offering gut-wrenching truths that force us to confront our own vulnerabilities…and sometimes long-standing grudges. The play’s emotional depth is felt from beginning to end, evoking sadness, introspection, honesty, and restoration all at once." - The Red Suitcase Broadwater Review

Start date

August 10th, 2023

End date

September 3rd, 2023



The Broadwater Theatre Mainstage

1076 Lillian Way, Los Angeles, CA, United States, 90038


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