LA: Food + History + Design Tour
LA: Food + History + Design Tour Tickets

LA: Food + History + Design Tour Tickets

Los Angeles, CA
Jul 23, 2023 - Dec 24, 2023

About LA: Food + History + Design Tour

What makes the LA: Food + History + Design tour different from other food tours? There are no cupcakes – we give you "real" food and tell you real history.

Food: From French newcomers in the nineteenth century, to Italian immigrants of the early twentieth century, to successive waves of migration from China, Vietnam and Thailand in the last fifty years, each culture has left its mark on Los Angeles' culinary landscape. And we haven’t even mentioned Latin America or Japan yet! On this LA food tour you’ll eat some of the best food in the city.

History: Los Angeles has a fascinating story too. Many of its oldest buildings, from when the tiny pueblo was infamous for being the most lawless and violent town in the Wild West, are still standing and you’ll even go inside one on this tour. Thought LA was just movie stars, beaches and Beverly Hills? Think again, we have a rich history going back to 1781.

Design: DTLA has some of the most iconic buildings in the world – City Hall, the Walt Disney Concert Hall and the Eastern Columbia Building to name just three. On this tour you’ll also experience some beautiful interior spaces, from the Bradbury Building, to Union Station to the Art Nouveau lobby of a 1913 hotel. For over a hundred years Los Angeles has been a design capital and you’ll see exactly why.

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