Elephant Shavings
Elephant Shavings Tickets

Elephant Shavings Tickets

Odyssey Theatre, Los Angeles
Aug 26, 2023 - Oct 1, 2023

About Elephant Shavings

A lazy person‘s guide to enlightenment. The stage is set for drama, humor and absurdity when one member of a theater’s acting ensemble finds herself challenged to confront the common dreams we have about the nature of reality. An engaging and fun introduction to both Eastern philosophies, including Buddhism, Hinduism and Sufism, and to modern Western teachers like Rupert Spira and Mooji, "Elephant Shavings" evolved out of Sossi’s enduring interest in the realm of metaphysics and his lifelong quest to understand the core essence of human consciousness, awareness, and “the meaning of life.” Set within the walls of West L.A.’s Odyssey Theatre complex.

Performance schedule

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