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Historical Records Tickets

Historical Records Tickets
Historical Records: What to expect - 1
Historical Records Tickets

About Historical Records

Freestyle hip-hop through history! Dive into the vibrant world of 'Historical Records,' where history leaps off the pages and onto the stage in an electrifying fusion of beats, rhymes, and past legends. This groundbreaking show takes you on a rhythmic journey through time, reimagining the lives of iconic historical figures through the dynamic lens of hip-hop improv. Each performance is totally different, inspired by audience suggestions, unfolds in an unscripted tapestry of music, dance, and storytelling, making every night a unique experience. From the founding fathers to unsung heroes, 'Hip-Hop Figures' brings history to life with a fresh, modern twist, proving that the past has never been this present. Don't miss this innovative blend of education, entertainment, and pure hip-hop energy!

Run time

1h 30m

Start date

March 9th, 2024

End date

March 30th, 2024


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Important information

Additionally, find tickets at:


Michelle Danner Acting Studio

10820 Washington Blvd, Culver City, CA, United States , 90232

Show schedule

Day of weekEvening
Saturday8:00 PM, 8:00 PM

Frequently asked questions

What is the length of Historical Records?

Historical Records is 1h 30m.

Where is Historical Records?

Michelle Danner Acting Studio.

What's the price for Historical Records tickets?

The price for tickets to Historical Records starts at $15.

How old do children need to be to see Historical Records?


How do you buy tickets for Historical Records?

Buy tickets today on Goldstar. Check availability, pricing and more.