Willie Cintron's "Love Train" Tickets

Willie Cintron's "Love Train" Tickets

Boca Black Box, Boca Raton
Aug 20, 2023 - Nov 22, 2023

About Willie Cintron's "Love Train"

Willie Citron's Love Train is an extraordinary musical journey that combines the timeless sounds of R&B, Motown, and classic soul. Born out of a deep passion for soulful music and a desire to revive the spirit of the golden era, Willie Citron, a talented musician and visionary, formed the Love Train as a homage to the soulful tunes that captured the hearts of generations. With his rich, velvety voice and unparalleled stage presence, Willie Citron effortlessly transports audiences back to a bygone era of smooth melodies and heartfelt lyrics. His performances are a soul-stirring experience, where listeners find themselves tapping their feet, swaying to the rhythm, and reliving the magic of Motown's golden age. The Love Train, consisting of a talented ensemble of musicians and backup vocalists, provides the perfect accompaniment to Willie Citron's electrifying performances. Together, they create an irresistible blend of lush harmonies, infectious grooves, and captivating melodies, breathing new life into the timeless classics that have stood the test of time. Drawing inspiration from legendary artists such as Marvin Gaye, Aretha Franklin, and Stevie Wonder, Willie Citron infuses his own unique style and interpretation into each song. His heartfelt renditions capture the essence of love, joy, and pain, taking listeners on an emotional journey through the ups and downs of life and love.



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