"A Mile In My Shoes" by Kathryn Taylor Smith
"A Mile In My Shoes" by Kathryn Taylor Smith Tickets

"A Mile In My Shoes" by Kathryn Taylor Smith Tickets

Arts Garage, Delray Beach
Nov 5, 2023 - Nov 5, 2023

About "A Mile In My Shoes" by Kathryn Taylor Smith

Join Ester, an omniscient shoe whisperer, as she walks us through a day in her life on Skid Row where we meet a vagabond of characters: a transgender teen, a young mom, a mentally ill substance abuser, and a high school valedictorian. "A Mile in My Shoes" is a mix of poetry, drama and comedy in consciousness raising theater. Masterfully directed by Zadia Ife, creator Kathryn Taylor Smith portrays over 19 characters inspired by research and personal interviews with past and present members of the homeless community in LA, as well as those who advocate for them. During the show, Kathryn’s guests are encouraged to bring shoes and toiletry items that not only serve as set pieces for the show but are later donated to the homeless in each community that she performs. This socially conscious and socially relevant piece speaks to the audience from a raw, uncensored, unapologetic perspective. It will compel you to do more, be better and act kinder to your homeless brethren; not because they are homeless, but because they are human and “There but for the grace of God go I.” This performance is followed by a brief presentation by Ariana Cianco LMHC, MCAP, Service Population Advocate of the Delray Beach Police Department and Ezra Krieg, Chairman of the Delray Beach Initiative to End Homelessness with a 10 minute Q & A involving Ariana, Ezra and Kathryn Taylor Smith.