Alan Chamo: M1ND H4CK3R
Alan Chamo: M1ND H4CK3R Tickets

Alan Chamo: M1ND H4CK3R Tickets

Boca Black Box, Boca Raton
Nov 26, 2023 - Nov 26, 2023

About Alan Chamo: M1ND H4CK3R

Alan Chamo didn’t come into this world by magic, but he has made his world a magic one! He was born in Buenos Aires. At the age of seven his uncle introduced him to the world of magic. He developed his other natural talents: mentalism, hypnosis, music and performing arts. Alan was brought up in diverse cultures and different countries. He learned the different customs, arts, languages, tastes, and the festive moods of each country he visited and lived in. This valuable experience has helped Alan build an international profile as a mentalist and hypnotist. Alan polished his skills and became the first performing mentalist in the Israeli army. As such, he performed magic of the mind like mind-reading, predictions, and telekinesis in front of soldiers and officials for two years. Alan has performed in the most watched Spanish-language programs in the U.S (Don Francisco, Despierta América, Lente Loco, República Deportiva among others) His television appearances have made him a permanent and noteworthy celebrity of Latin show business. He has performed for the most diverse audiences throughout the U.S in English, Spanish and Hebrew.