Michael Winslow
Michael Winslow Tickets

Michael Winslow Tickets

Boca Black Box, Boca Raton
Jun 10, 2023 - Dec 7, 2023

About Michael Winslow

Michael Winslow: “The Voicetramentalist." It was in 1984 where Michael would get his big break from Director Hugh Wilson and Producer Paul Manslanski, creators of the cult classic "Police Academy", as they saw his talent first hand at the Long Beach Theater. They saw the raw talent that Mike brought to the table and immediately wrote him into the script, paving his way for a career in cinema, also taking a role in Mel Brooks’ "Spaceballs"! While his talent on screen is apparent, he is also a skilled voice actor appearing in commercials for companies such as Geico, but also hit television series such as Family Guy and Robot Chicken. Mike’s versatility really allows him to play any voice role. Michael is a true master of his craft, an artist. He can recreate any sound known to man and more, limited only by his imagination, making him a must see entertainment staple which keeps him quite busy. He has recently finished up a comedy special on the Starz Network with Jimmy Walker as well as appeared on Season 16 of "America's Got Talent". He also runs a podcast where you can hear he his unique takes on life and comedy known as the Noize Podcast. Mike’s next big projects involve various animated shows with large network interest, as well as variety shows in Vegas! You won’t want to miss out on any of these surefire classics.