The Thin Place
The Thin Place Tickets

The Thin Place Tickets

The Gremlin Theatre, Saint Paul
Nov 10, 2023 - Dec 3, 2023

About The Thin Place

A spine-tingling, “Twilight Zone” evening of theater Everyone who ever died is still here, just in a different part of here. Linda can communicate with them. And if you believe, she can make you hear them, too — in the thin place, the fragile boundary between our world and the other one. With acuity and relentless curiosity, Lucas Hnath’s play transforms the theater into something else… crafting an unnerving testament to the power of the mind, which has a mind of its own. “A tight 90-minute play — part ghost story, part dissection of “truth” — that builds a never-ending loop between your head and your sixth sense, and satisfies the cravings of both, THE THIN PLACE plays scary games with your suspension of disbelief.” Theater Mania