Your Love, Our Musical
Your Love, Our Musical Tickets

Your Love, Our Musical Tickets

Caveat NYC, New York
Nov 19, 2021 -
90 Mins (No Intermission)
A fully improvised musical about a couple in the audience. Could it be you?

About Your Love, Our Musical

“The most impressive musical I’ve seen.” - Jason Zinoman, The New York Times

“The best date night ever!” - Time Out New York

Your Love, Our Musical…

… Pulls a couple out of a live audience and brings them onstage for an intimate, hilarious interview that reveals the nitty gritty details of their love life.
 … Sends that couple back to the audience to watch a fully improvised musical about the love story they just told. Every line, character, note, and dance move is created in the moment. But it’s really good! Like Hamilton but with more songs about dating apps. 
 … Is the wholesome, celebratory antidote audiences need at this time. A celebration of couples of all stripes and their love.
 … Features two of the best musical improvisers and comedians in NYC!  
 … Has an incredible band of musicians who improvise with each other to create original scores, using multiple genres, while simultaneously improvising with the performers as they create the melody and the lyrics.
 … Combines hard laughs with real emotions. Whether you’re single or in a relationship our show will make you feel that sincere butterfly stomach feeling that only real love can provoke.

It may be your love story, but it's about to be our musical. Come see the show that Time Out New York calls "the best date night ever!"

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