Suffs on Broadway
Suffs on Broadway Tickets

Suffs on Broadway Tickets

Music Box Theatre, New York
Apr 18, 2024 -
2h 45m (incl. 15m intermission)
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About Suffs on Broadway

Suffs on Broadway is a musical event 100 years in the making. The lives of pioneers in the women's suffrage movement — with all their flaws, triumphs, and everything in between — come alive in this historical show by Broadway-debut writer/composer Shaina Taub.

The Nineteenth Amendment, allowing women to vote for the first time, took effect in 1920. But the road to that milestone was a long one. The work of people like Susan B. Anthony is well-known, but what about young upstart Alice Paul, whose own cohort of suffragists challenged not just the government, but also the older generation of activists whose methods weren't working?

Suffs tells that story and shows how, for all their successes, these "suffs" were also imperfect women with cracks in their movement, showing how much of the fight they still left for future generations. Taub's riveting music and book propel Suffs as the show makes history at the Music Box Theatre every night.

Suffs highlights

Suffs premiered at The Public Theater in 2022, repeatedly selling out its multiple extensions due to popular demand. Taub starred as Alice Paul alongside a cast of Broadway favorites including Jenn Colella, Nikki M. James, Phillipa Soo, and Grace McLean alongside new talent. A four-star review on New York Theatre Guide reads, "Suffs [shows] that a cast and creative team of mostly women can tell a story that is important, powerful, and about all of us. With Taub leading it, the future of musical theatre is female, and it's about time."

  • The Public Theater's musicals make history. Seven years before Suffs, the Public debuted another little historical musical called Hamilton. Like Suffs, that show's sole writer (Lin-Manuel Miranda) also starred.
  • Women lead the way. All the lead creatives of Suffs are women: co-producers Hillary Rodham Clinton and Malala Yousafzai, lead producers Jill Furman and Rachel Sussman, writer Taub, director Leigh Silverman, and choreographer Mayte Natalio.
  • Suffs is honest about history. The show's main characters include suffragists like Ida B. Wells, who was marginalized within the suffrage movement like most other women and activists of color. By spotlighting their stories, Suffs gives new voice to these women.
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