A Musical About Star Wars Tickets

A Musical About Star Wars Tickets

AMT Theater, New York
Jul 7, 2023 - Dec 9, 2023
90 mins

About A Musical About Star Wars

A Musical About Star Wars is a hilariously bizarre show-within-a-show paying tribute to fandom, nerd culture, Comic-Con, cosplay, and all things Star Wars!

The show follows two moronic super fans, Scott and Taylor, as they attempt to perform their very unauthorized Star Wars musical in hopes of catching the eye of the Comic-Con presenters. However, dark forces are looming over their production…and her name is Emily. Emily is an actress of questionable talents, and a political activist with questionable ambitions, who has a lot to say about boys whipping out their lightsabers. “Do Scott and Taylor prevail? Does the show make it to Comic-Con? The answers are less important than the good time you’ll have getting there!” – TheEasy.com.

Part Parody. Part Tribute. Totally Rad!

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