How to Dance in Ohio on Broadway Tickets

How to Dance in Ohio on Broadway Tickets

Belasco Theatre, New York
Nov 15, 2023 -
Experience this new coming-of-age musical about human connection.

About How to Dance in Ohio on Broadway

Join the dance at the Belasco Theatre with How to Dance in Ohio. This new Broadway musical explores the transformative power of human connection and the thrill of first experiences.

Inspired by the Peabody Award-winning documentary of the same name, the How to Dance in Ohio musical dives into the lives of a group of young people with autism as they prepare for their first spring formal dance. Standard coming-of-age experiences become groundbreaking milestones as the group confront stress, love, self-discovery, and more as never before while learning new social skills.

Just as Alexandra Shiva's documentary captured hearts through its raw storytelling, the musical elevates the emotion with mesmerizing performances and an original score. Blending heartwarming moments, toe-tapping numbers, and compelling narratives, How to Dance in Ohio stirs the hearts of audiences of all backgrounds and provides a tender and thoughtful look into the lives of those with autism.

How to Dance in Ohio highlights

The premiere of How to Dance in Ohio in New York City comes off an acclaimed 2022 world premiere in Syracuse, which The Syracuse Post-Standard hailed as “exhilarating, groundbreaking, [and] celebratory." Plus, the show features a fresh group of artists making Broadway debuts. Here's what to know about Ohio as its hits the city.

  • The show is cast authentically with exciting new talent. All seven lead actors who play autistic characters in How to Dance in Ohio are autistic themselves. They're all making their Broadway debuts alongside bookwriter/lyricist Rebekah Greer Melocik, composer Jacob Yandura, choreographer Mayte Natalio, and director Sammi Cannold.
  • An iconic Broadway great contributed to the musical. Record-breaking director/producer Harold Prince provided research and artistic input for How to Dance in Ohio, and he was set to direct the project before his death in 2019. His contributions and creative touch, though, live on.
  • How to Dance in Ohio puts accessibility first. The production team features two members not usually included in a Broadway show: an autistic creative consultant and a director of community engagement. These staffers ensure the stories of autistic people are told with respect and that the production invites people of all backgrounds, including disabled communities, to experience the show.



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