A Will to Live
A Will to Live Tickets

A Will to Live Tickets

The Chain Theatre, New York
Aug 18, 2023 - Sep 16, 2023
2 hrs 30 mins (incl. one 10-mins intermission)

About A Will to Live

In an awe-inspiring adaptation of her 1945 memoir, this one woman show takes us on an extraordinary journey through Helena Weinrauch's life and survival of three concentration camps during the Holocaust. A Will to Live is an emotional rollercoaster, from the devastating separation of loved ones and the constant threat of death to the small acts of kindness that reignited humanity's flickering flame. Be prepared to be inspired, moved, and forever changed by the resilience and continued message of love found in the darkest corners of the human experience. Helena’s story serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of preserving the memory of the Holocaust and honoring those who survived.

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