Albert Bouchard's Imaginos
Albert Bouchard's Imaginos Tickets

Albert Bouchard's Imaginos Tickets

Sony Hall, New York
Aug 30, 2023 - Aug 30, 2023

About Albert Bouchard's Imaginos

The Imaginos Show is a presentation of the complete trilogy of the Imaginos saga, as envisioned by Blue Öyster Cult Svengali, Sandy Pearlman, at the very start of that legendary band’s formation. It is the culmination of decades of collaboration between Pearlman and the extended BÖC family. Re-Imaginos released in 2020 by BÖC co-founder Albert Bouchard, was a fresh take on the original 1988 BÖC Imaginos record. The record pleased fans and critics alike and charted in Billboard’s top 100. In 2021 Bouchard released the second volume of the saga, Imaginos II, Bombs Over Germany. The third and final volume, Imaginos III Mutant Reformation expands the story of the character Imaginos in every direction; more songs, more stories, and more characters that longtime fans can sink their teeth into. Imaginos III will be released on June 2, 2023. Albert Bouchard is taking this show on the road to support all three records. The band consists of musicians who were major contributors to the current record, Bouchard on vocals and guitar, Cyzon Griffin on vocals and drums, David Hirschberg on vocals and bass, and Susie Loraine on vocals and keyboard.

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