The 8th Annual Harvard-Yale Cantata
The 8th Annual Harvard-Yale Cantata Tickets

The 8th Annual Harvard-Yale Cantata Tickets

54 Below, New York
Sep 17, 2023 - Sep 17, 2023

About The 8th Annual Harvard-Yale Cantata

This show is a competition of Harvard alumni vs. Yale alumni, as performers and writers. Both schools have renowned songwriter alumni (Harvard: Leonard Bernstein & Alan Jay Lerner, Yale: Cole Porter & Bobby Lopez), although a lot of the appeal comes from younger alums and even current students. Yale leads this series 5-1-1. Last year’s show was a non-competitive lovefest, which we record in the annals as a tie. This year our show returns to the competitive format. Harvard co-captains John Forster and Derek Speedy are mustering forces to avenge past losses. But the other team, headed by captain Serena Feniger, a junior at Yale, has their own ideas about that. Join producer and host Tom Toce for a cutthroat evening of terrific songs and wonderful performers. The critics have raved about past shows. As we always say, you don’t have to have gone to West Point to enjoy the Army-Navy game, and you don’t have to be affiliated with either school to love the Harvard-Yale Cantata. Harvard’s music direction is by Dylan MarcAurele. Kleban Prize winner Marcy Heisler (“Taylor the Latte Boy,” Ever After) and Fred Ebb Award winner Douglas J. Cohen (No Way to Treat a Lady, The Big Time) serve as judges.

Performance schedule

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