Dvořák’s Requiem
Dvořák’s Requiem Tickets

Dvořák’s Requiem Tickets

Stern Auditorium / Perelman Stage at Carnegie Hall, New York
Jan 25, 2024 - Jan 25, 2024

About Dvořák’s Requiem

Dating from the composer’s late creative period, Antonín Dvořák’s "Requiem" mystifyingly remains a rarity in his impressive oeuvre. It is nowhere near as well known, or as frequently performed, as the composer’s late symphonies, chamber works, or other choral works, such as his Stabat Mater, from this period. Closer to Fauré’s or Cherubini’s contributions to the genre than the overt theatricality of Verdi’s and Berlioz’s requiems, Dvořák’s own requiem is often serene and introspective in mood, with gentle melodies and noble lyricism. There are, nevertheless, countless moments of spontaneous expression and pure inspiration that could only stem from Dvořák’s pen, like the intense chromaticism in “Pie Jesu” or the sheer drama of chosen moments, such as the “Agnus Dei,” with its diaphanous close. The use of a four-note chromatic motif, present in almost all sections of the piece, gives the work a satisfying feel of thematic unity. While rich in invention and expressivity, it is its tender, melancholic examination of the mysteries of life and death that ultimately make this requiem so deserving of further exploration in the public sphere—far more than it has received up to now.