Bite Me
Bite Me Tickets

Bite Me Tickets

WP Theater - McGinn/Cazale Theater, New York
Sep 23, 2023 - Oct 22, 2023
90 minutes
Take a bite out of this unique coming-of-age tale at WP Theater.

About Bite Me

Nathan is ditching class when he stumbles on Melody crying in a storage closet - he’s a white boy with family money and dangerous habits, she’s the lone Black girl on campus, excelling academically and grappling with feelings of isolation. They form an unexpected bond and it’s not long before the heat between them boils over. Bite Me explores the drama (and trauma) of trying to fit in at high school, and the unfinished business waiting for them at their reunion a decade later. This captivating dark comedy dares to explore the raw undercurrents of youth, and the unspoken truths that bind us.

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