Fire & Fury Burlesque: Comic Strips
Fire & Fury Burlesque: Comic Strips Tickets

Fire & Fury Burlesque: Comic Strips Tickets

Midnight Theatre, New York
Oct 13, 2023 - Oct 13, 2023

About Fire & Fury Burlesque: Comic Strips

Showgirls... Assemble! Gather your motliest crew, your band of heroes, and your most nefarious lair of villains for a burlesque spectacular like no other! Fire & Fury Burlesque presents... Comic Strips: A Burlesque and Variety Nerdventure dedicated to the comics, pop culture and lore that moves us and makes us. You've spent your Friday shuffling through the con at the Javits Center, bombarded by images of heroes and villains from every universe and it's left you wondering...what's under Captain America's tights? What's the true nature of Han and Chewy's relationship? What if a Frank Frazetta poster came to life? Find the answers to this, and more, at The Midnight Theatre! Shake off the con crud and join us for a night of burlesque and variety inspired by your favorite superheroes, comic legends, and pop culture icons. Featuring a stellar cast of performers in a beautiful art deco theater, for a night that will transport you from con to comic page. Featuring: Rosie Cheeks, Audrey Love, Vonka, Puss N Boots, Perse Fanny, Andrea Flow, Nip Fury, Trinity Starlight, Rex Halligan, and more to be announced. . .