Amid Falling Walls
Amid Falling Walls Tickets

Amid Falling Walls Tickets

Edmond J. Safra Hall at the Museum of Jewish Heritage, New York
Nov 14, 2023 - Dec 10, 2023
1 Hour & 15 minutes

About Amid Falling Walls

From the company who brought you Fiddler On The Roof in Yiddish and HARMONY.
Amid Falling Walls (Tsvishn Falnkike Vent) is a groundbreaking musical that pays homage to the perseverance of the human spirit during one of the most devastating moments of humanity. The performance is composed of songs that were written and performed in ghettos, clandestine cabarets and theaters, forced labor camps, and partisan encampments. The songs in this never-before-heard collection serve as eyewitness testimony and provide insight into the Jewish response as the crisis was unfolding.The production celebrates the resilience and hope of those who endured this defining chapter of history, portrayed through the power of Yiddish song. Presented at the Museum of Jewish Heritage, this theatrical journey offers an unforgettable experience, connecting audiences with history and the indomitable spirit of humankind.

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Because of the intensity of the subject matter we recommend that only children 12 and above attend.