Company of Man Tickets

Company of Man Tickets

AMT Theater, New York
Nov 12, 2023 - Jan 28, 2024
1h 20m

About Company of Man

Fresh off their debut with the New York Theater Festival, “Company of Man” is coming to an Off-Broadway theater near you!

“Based on true events, ‘Company of Man’ seeks to revive the lived experiences of 20th-century musicians Edward ‘Benjamin’ Britten and his life partner, Sir ‘Peter’ Neville Luard Pears by means of their personal letters. In tandem, modern-day roommates ‘Mark’ and ‘Joe’ grapple with their identities, shared feelings, and sexual violence.

In conjunction, the full-length drama challenges audiences to draw comparisons between old and new-age prejudice. At its core, ‘Company of Man’ is a love letter to queer people, a testament to their experiences, and a celebration of their resilience.”

After a critically acclaimed debut with the New York Theater Festival, “Company of Man” is making its Off-Broadway premier for eleven weeks only! See “Company of Man” at AMT Theater on Sundays at 2pm November through January.

A note from the Playwright:
“In 2023, hundreds of anti-LGBTQ bills have been proposed in statehouses across the country. Dozens pass, igniting vicious attacks against LGBTQ+ people across America. At this crucial point in history, "Company of Man" teaches the timeless importance of love in the face of violence.”

-Ashley M. Cowles

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16+, Rated (for adult content and mentions of sexual violence)