Sunset Boulevard on Broadway Tickets

Sunset Boulevard on Broadway Tickets
Sunset Boulevard on Broadway Tickets
Sunset Boulevard on Broadway Tickets

About Sunset Boulevard on Broadway

Haunted by her memories and dreams, movie star Norma Desmond (Scherzinger) yearns to return to the big screen. A struggling screenwriter (Francis) who can’t sell his scripts to the Hollywood studios may be her only hope, until their dangerous and compelling relationship leads to disastrous circumstances. Drenched in champagne and cynicism, Sunset Boulevard scrutinizes the ambitions and frustrations of its characters and their intoxicating need for fame and adoration.

Start date

October 31st, 2023


Musicals, Broadway

Stars on stage

Nicole Scherzinger

Nicole Scherzinger

Sunset Boulevard on Broadway cast and creative team

By: Don Black and Christopher Hampton, based on the Billy Wilder film
Songs by: Andrew Lloyd Webber (music), Don Black, Christopher Hampton (lyrics)
Director: Jamie Lloyd
Choreography: Fabian Aloise
Cast list: Nicole Scherzinger (as Norma Desmond), Tom Francis (as Joe Gillis), Grace Hodgett-Young (as Betty Schaefer), David Thaxton (as Max Von Mayerling)
Design: Soutra Gilmour
Costumes: Soutra Gilmour
Lighting: Jack Knowles
Sound: Adam Fisher
Other info: Music direction and supervision by Alan Williams, video design and cinematography by Nathan Amzi and Joe Ransom

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