La Cage Aux Folles Tickets

La Cage Aux Folles Tickets

One More Productions at The GEM Theater, Garden Grove
Aug 10, 2023 - Sep 17, 2023
The classic musical comedy about being who you are.

About La Cage Aux Folles

Georges is the owner of the "La Cage Aux Folles" nightclub, which features a drag show starring his partner and the love of his life, Albin. After twenty years of unwedded bliss, Georges and his partner Albin face the hardest challenge of their relationship, yet; meeting their son, Jean-Michel's fiance's parents. Albin has always raised Jean-Michel, Georges' biological son, as his own. But when Jean-Michel falls in love and becomes engaged to the daughter of an ultra-conservative, anti-gay politician, Georges feels compelled to try to present a more "traditional" family to Jean-Michel's potential in-laws. When Albin tries and fails to take on a masculine persona in the role of Uncle Al, he gets more creative to find a way to be part of the "meet the parents" experience. Set in the summer of the 1980's in luxurious St. Tropez, France, and based on Jean Poiret's 1973 French play of the same name, the multi-Tony award-winner, including Best Musical, La Cage Aux Folles is a musical filled with delightful spectacle and great heart.

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