Nice Bits!
Nice Bits! Tickets

Nice Bits! Tickets

The Rec Room (Off The Wall), Huntington Beach
Sep 1, 2021 - Dec 28, 2023

About Nice Bits!

Nice Bits will take place every other Wednesday for the rest of 2021. It is a lottery-style competition where 10 comics get drawn to go up. Kenny Weber hosts and facilitates the show. There are 2 judges. One is a comedian who regularly performs at the club and one is an adult film star. Comics get 3 minutes and leave the stage after performing. The judges each choose their favorite set. Those 2 come back up and do a 1-minute set. After the 1-minute set, the finalist sits and chats for 10 minutes with the judges and host. During this time there is an Instagram poll for audience/viewers to vote. The winner will get a guest spot on a Friday or Saturday 7:00pm show. The spirit of this is not to be mean or roast the comics.