Tiananmen: A New Musical
Tiananmen: A New Musical Tickets

Tiananmen: A New Musical Tickets

The Phoenix Theatre Company - Mainstage Theatre, Phoenix
Oct 4, 2023 - Oct 29, 2023

About Tiananmen: A New Musical

For the love of freedom. An epic celebration of bravery told with a passionate and soaring score. China, 1989. Hundreds of thousands of young university students realized the time was now to cry out for democracy and fair treatment for all. A student revolution began, led by a university student and her comrades, resulting in the crackdown known as the Tiananmen Square Massacre. Through the months leading up to the final hours, love was found, friendships torn apart, political figures fell from grace, and the world was transfixed by the universal struggle for freedom. Years later, the sister of the student leader returns to Tiananmen Square to commemorate this brave moment and retell the story in an effort to never forget their sacrifice. Conceived by Tiananmen Square protest leader, Wu’er Kaixi, "Tiananmen: A New Musical" is a vital reminder of the fragility of human rights and the importance of bravery and self-determination in the face of totalitarianism.