Slink Johnson
Slink Johnson Tickets

Slink Johnson Tickets

Mic Drop MANIA Comedy Club, Chandler
Oct 19, 2023 - Oct 19, 2023

About Slink Johnson

Actor Gerald "Slink" Johnson has had a huge impact on black entertainment and pop culture with his unique portrayal of unforgettable characters like Black Jesus from the show of the same name and Lamar Davis from Grand Theft Auto V. Born in Arkansas and raised in Southern California from the age of 10, Slink exploded onto the scene as an in demand comedian, actor and producer beginning in 2007 and has held role after role both as voice talent and live action actor ever since, including starring in Black Jesus (now in its third season) with the late legend Charlie Murphy. During the first season of Black Jesus he was encouraged to pursue stand-up comedy by Murphy himself and has since added that to his list of sought-after talents as well as hosting the weekly "Smoke Yours" show on Dash Radio and spearheading the Smoke Yours Crew cannabis lifestyle brand. Affectionately known as "Slink," he began his rise to superstardom as a successful hip hop artist before turning to comedy. Heralded for his quick wit and sharp humor, Slink has used his voice and comedic skills to portray characters at the highest level of authenticity, including as the star of Fuse TV's first animated comedy Sugar and Toys, a featured member of All Def Digital TV and countless other shows including The Super Rumble Mix Show, The FXX series Chozen, Pariah and many others.