Die Hard: A Christmas Story
Die Hard: A Christmas Story Tickets

Die Hard: A Christmas Story Tickets

Playhouse on the Park, Phoenix
Dec 1, 2017 - Dec 23, 2023

About Die Hard: A Christmas Story

Next time someone tries to spark up the tired “Is "Die Hard" a Christmas movie?” debate with you, explain to them that we settled that one years ago. The new question is: “What’s better: The movie, or the puppet-filled chaos of "Die Hard: A Christmas Story?"” It’s honestly a tough call … Yippie Ki-Yay, puppet lovers — All Puppet Players’ R-rated holiday tradition is back! What do you get when you cross the definitive holiday action movie with All Puppet Players brand of fast, fury, funnied-frenzy? You get an instant holiday classic! While most families will deposit their holiday cheer with Scrooge and friends, the All Puppet Players are offering an alternative that includes a puppet Bruce Willis, a battle for Nakatomi Plaza and tons of pop-culture references to hang nice and cozy over your fireplace. John McClane tries to save his wife and several others from master criminal Hans Gruber during a Christmas party. Nothing is safe and no holiday memory unsoiled while the puppets wreak havoc on Christmas and bring the holiday spirit to all good little boys and girls. There’ll be caroling, and gun-fights, curse words, and all the puppet anarchy you can shake a yule log at. Enjoy the newest holiday tradition! Welcome to the party, pal!