The Dirty Show
The Dirty Show Tickets

The Dirty Show Tickets

Mic Drop MANIA Comedy Club, Chandler
Nov 3, 2023 - Nov 4, 2023

About The Dirty Show

Between 2012 through 2017, The Smash Brothers toured the country multiple times with Ralphie May and were a fixture of his Filthy Animal Tour. In 2015 they filmed and are featured in Andrew Dice Clay’s The Blue Show currently on the Showtime Network. If you consider yourself, the "Not Easily Offended" friend of the group then join us as the Smash Bros bring "The Dirty Show". Cory and Chad, The Smash Brothers, are identical twin brothers born and raised outside of Los Angeles in the Inland Empire. Growing up with a biker for a dad, and a Post Office delivery lady for a mom, they moved frequently and attended a total of 14 different schools during childhood. Always being the new kids made them adapt by being outgoing and spontaneously humorous to gain new friendships. Despite their identical DNA, The Smash Brothers are almost polar opposites in personality and lifestyle. Cory is “the good twin” of the two, with a calm and passive personality he refrains from drinking and partying to keep the two grounded. Chad is “the evil twin”, with his bad boy personality and crazy, wild partying ways that keeps Cory on his toes.