Christmas with C.S. Lewis
Christmas with C.S. Lewis Tickets

Christmas with C.S. Lewis Tickets

Newmark Theatre, Portland
Dec 23, 2023 - Dec 23, 2023
Celebrate the Holidays with a great literary mind.

About Christmas with C.S. Lewis

In the early years of his young adult life C.S. Lewis believed the story of Christ’s birth was nothing more than feel-good myth. That all changed after a particular encounter with his great friend and fellow author, J R R Tolkien. The setting for Christmas with C.S Lewis is Lewis’ home near Oxford on Christmas Eve where is hosting a group of Americans who are Christmassing in England. His guests are about to experience an unforgettable assortment of Yuletide recollections which stimulates a whole range of emotions – curiosity, laughter, gladness and even some tears. Above all, they will discover how that encounter with Tolkien forever changed his Christmas celebrations.