The Tesla City Stories Tickets

The Tesla City Stories Tickets

The Old Church Concert Hall, Portland
Sep 15, 2023 - Sep 15, 2023

About The Tesla City Stories

This season 8 opener is one of the best stories we will have ever done and has not been performed in 80 years. Harpy Squadron - they are five female aviators from five different nations. Dissatisfied with being kept out of active combat, they go rogue. Flying a trio of experimental planes they “liberated” from the RAF, they become the Allies’ secret weapon and the Axis’ greatest fear - the unaffiliated fighting force known as Harpy Squadron! Come join us for the first two episodes of this unlikely wartime action drama from the TBC! The Tesla City Stories is a monthly night of vintage radio comedy/drama live onstage. Straight outta 1944. Laughs, chills, romance, danger, eats, bar, live Foley/sound F/X, 1940’s live music, prizes, audience participation.

Performance schedule

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