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Saturday January 10, 2009 / 8:00pm
OnStage Playhouse - Chula Vista, CA
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The OnStage Playhouse is a quaint, very intimate storefront theater in the heart of downtown chula Vista. You can't help but feel connected to the are only a few feet from them. Definitley a community theater experience. After-Play is an interesting tale of two couples with different backgrounds and life experiences that rear up in funny and often tense ways. Nearly every aspect of growing old is touched upon as the characters weave and wrangle their way through different emotions. We enjoyed the play but I'll admit that a few of the jokes flew over our heads and landed on those with whiter hair...this play is aimed at an older generation (we're in our late 40's). If you are looking for an intimate theater experience in a no frills playhouse, this is a nice place to go. ~Dave
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Big, free covered parking about 2 blocks away...or on the street
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Not happening...they have a few soft drinks and chips available...
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It's a retail storefront turned into a theater but it works...very cool.