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Saturday January 17, 2009 / 8:30pm
Pirate's Dinner Adventure
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Having been to similiar dinner-and-stunt shows (Medieval Times, etc.) I thought I knew what to expect. The "story" of the evening wasn't clear until the show was over (i.e., the evening begins at a "ball" thrown by the princess which is then overtaken by pirates who kidnap the princess and take the audience captive and onto the ship) and even after putting it all together, it is kind of weak. But that is forgivable, to some extent, because I honestly didn't come for the story. I came for the action! And there was plenty of that. It was more acrobatics than stunts, which impressed me, but not my 3 other adult companions (they were asking to leave about 20 minutes into the show). All of the performers are FANTASTIC and I have to give extra praise to the "gypsy girl" who does some amazing acrobatic work. The kids at surrounding tables enjoyed themselves start to finish. This entire production would be really great for 4-10 year olds. I didn't think the story was great, and much of it wasn't needed. We all came to see pirates fight and tussle -- we don't need a kidnapping and love story in the show. In my opinion, the audience participation parts of the show were just as confusing as the rest. The folks that were selected were confused about what their duties were (one person to wave the flag, someone else to throw bags of treasure to our pirate, etc.) and the kids were given the most involvement - which is great, except they never really knew what they were doing or why. They were just sort of marched back and forth in total confusion (this was also true for the adults who were chosen). The interactive parts didn't flow with anything else happening with the show and were actually a distraction. I also had not realized that a good portion of this show is a MUSICAL. And that the songs drive the story (and also provide intermissions). The songs were confusing and over-the-top and I could barely understand the lyrics and I seriously doubt anyone else did either. I also was surprised at the extent of the princess storyline (which felt very forced, like perhaps it was not part of the original idea, but brought in later to attract girls?) which I didn't care for, but I'm sure there were other people who did. All of the cast was amazing and the sets and stunts are really fantastic. I fully appreciate the complexity of the show and all of the effects that went into it, but I honestly don't know if I could sit through it again. When we left, I remarked "well, at least you get your money's worth - what was that, a 3 hour show?" and it was actually only 90 minutes. The food was so-so. Pretty much what I expected for mass-catered food, so that was ok. It was nice that it came with drinks included, although my husband got short-changed on his beer (she 'topped off' his glass when he was 1/2 way done, rather than wait for him to drink it all, which still counted as "two drinks"). Our waitress was efficient, but quick. She was in a bit of a rush to clear the plates and then when she did, she promptly delivered a note (pre-printed) that advised the "suggested" gratuity amount, which was a fair suggestion ($5 per adult) but seemed a bit pushy to have the pre-printed note. The appetizers were actually better than the dinner, but we were disappointed that the appetizers were taken away so suddenly at a specific time (with no warning). We were all in line to get something and the line was cut off directly in front of us, with about 25 people still behind us, all of whom had been waiting for more than 10 minutes. The station attendants served the people ahead of us and then whisked their station away. I understand that they have to shut down to prep for the show, but it was a bad way to handle it (instead, they should have indicated who would be the last person served BEFORE anyone else lined up behind them). All in all: great for kids and adults of a certain temperment. If you go with an open mind (and a few free drinks!) you can have lots of fun, but this definitely isn't for everyone.

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