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Circa; Il Ritorno

Sunday February 4, 2018 / 3:00pm
Cal Performances' Zellerbach Hall (Berkeley, CA)
2 ticketsSide Mezzanine
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Spellbinding! Totally evocative and provocative theater/dance! Many of the incredible athletic feats/dance moves made me gasp; so incredible were they and so like nothing I have ever seen before! They breathed and moved together as if one body, so in rhythm and attuned to each other! Walking or running up another body, running up walls like flies, catapulting into the air with total trust that the other would catch them perfectly...a few of the awe-inspiring feats of this incredible company! have to see it to believe it, because even after seeing it in person I am left spell-bound as if it happened on another planet where people can do what we might call here miraculous things within a different gravitational field. These are devoted practitioners of their field..thank you for adding to the mysteries of the world!