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Watson Adventures’ Naked at the Getty Scavenger Hunt

Saturday February 14, 2009 / 2:00pm (Special Valentine's Day Edition)
J. Paul Getty Museum - Los Angeles, CA
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I participated, on Valentines Day, in their special couples "Naked at the Getty" Scavenger Hunt. Thankfully, as it was cold outside, we didn't have to get naked. The way it works is you're given about 30 questions, which each clue pointing to a specific room in the Getty Center (not to be mistaken with the Getty Villa - which is also amazing). This allows you to get to see a good amount of the artwork and a feel for the various rooms. The clues are put in an order so that the next room is close to the one you just came from. We were both very thankful for not having to run around the whole museum with each new clue. The clues were really interesting, witty, and often tricky. There were only a few that I had a problem with (which is rare for me) and overall it was a really fun experience (though I may be biased since we won). The people running the event were really nice and friendly, but also didn't waste a lot of time and got straight to the point (which I appreciated). The hunt was 2 hours long, and the time flew. I definitely recommend this either for a group of friends or on a date! Valentines Day - probably with a date...
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